How To Make the Most of Your Indoor Lighting This Summer

When summer arrives, you might find yourself spending more time at home with your family, doing some cleaning, and cooking more often, whether you’re grilling outside or experimenting with a new dish indoors. You might even have an extra-long weekend to appreciate your own home if your employer offers summer Fridays.

You want to make sure your indoor lighting is as good as it can be since you’re spending more time inside your house. You might grow weary of being illuminated only by overhead lights.

This summer, you might want to change things up a touch. For advice on interior lighting, keep reading!

Incorporate indoor laser lights
Your house can take on a completely different atmosphere thanks to string lights, one that goes well with the longer daylight hours and warm evenings.

These lamps can be positioned above your bed in your bedroom, above the cabinets in the kitchen, or around the living room. If your home has a stairway, you might even want to think about using string lights to create a different lighting design for that space.

Even though the string lights won’t give you nearly as much light as you might need for reading or cooking, they will create an atmosphere when you want to unwind later at night or when you wake up early in the morning.

Think about installing dimmers in your indoor lighting
Summertime has extended days, so there may not be a need for as much light throughout the day. Even though that is the case, you might believe that you need a little light to perform various tasks.

If so, switching your light controls to dimmers will allow you to control how much light you use. It will be the perfect amount of light for your requirements, neither too bright nor too dim. Additionally, by using less electricity for the lighting, switching to dimmers can also contribute to energy savings.

Purchase a motion-detecting indoor light.
You might envision the motion sensor lights you have installed on the exterior of your house when you consider motion sensor lighting. However, there are more options than just leaving them outside your house!

They may also be kept indoors. In the home, this may improve safety.

For instance, you could put motion sensor lighting on the stairwell, in the bathroom, or wherever else you think it would be useful in case someone gets up in the middle of the night to use the restroom or get a drink of water.

Additionally, since it will probably be used at night, there is no need for this illumination to be particularly bright. Use whatever makes the most sense for you—strip lighting, ceiling lighting, wall lighting, etc.

On a different note, installing motion sensor indoor lights directly inside your front entrance can increase safety. This might frighten them off and warn you that someone might be breaking in. Additionally, it’s always a great notion to have security cameras pointed at your front door for added protection!

Overhead lighting should be added for entertainment
It’s never a good sensation to have harsh lighting shining down on you and your guests during a summer celebration or just a summer evening of entertaining. Everything appears to be a bit too obvious.

You can alter the lighting inside to get rid of this sensation! Lighting that is ambient is one of the finest vibes to choose.

There are several things you could do to achieve this appearance.

Start by thinking about installing wall lighting that hangs close to a sofa, a table, or another area where you would be having guests over. As a result, the lights have a gentler appearance while still being bright.

On the other hand, you might add strip lighting to the surfaces of the kitchen cabinets. This still produces a brilliant light, but because it is concealed, it appears a little less harsh, giving off the ideal atmosphere for entertaining.

Neon-colored strip lights could be added to make it even more entertaining. This would produce a fantastic atmosphere for a nighttime celebration with entertaining music and fantastic lighting!

Position lamps in the home’s various rooms with care.
You can decide to add more lamps around the house so that you use those more frequently than your ceiling lights since you don’t need as much light in the summer.

These lamps are ideal for using when you want to read a novel, work on your laptop, or even watch TV while sitting in front of one of them.

Avoid using excessively harsh lighting when selecting the lights to go into the lamps because it can strain your eyes, particularly when they are so close to you. It is always preferable to use mild white lights or even warm yellow lights in lamps rather than harsher lights.

This summer, up your indoor lighting game.
You can always improve your interior lighting strategy. At Birddog Lighting, we have a tonne of choices if you’re considering replacing some of your existing lights or adding new lighting fixtures. There are many options available, including twinkling lights, string lights, bulb lighting, and LED lighting.

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